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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Watercolor Birth Annoucements by Graceline Art

Obviously, you all know that Eleanora has been born already. With social media, there isn’t really a need to send out announcements but I loved the idea of doing them anyway. (At least I’ll do them for the first kid right? Sorry possible future babies.) I knew from the beginning that I wanted my sweet […]

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New Dreams

I had so many dreams when I was younger. But I never dreamed of being a mama. (I know that may sound crazy to some.) I always wanted kids “some day” and definitely had that desire, but the whole mom thing was not everything I wanted in life. Honestly, I saw myself going off to […]

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Breanna Woodis Brandon - January 6, 2015 - 11:42 pm

Thank you for writing this! I’ve been struggling recently with accepting God’s plan for my life, not my own. I never in a million years pictured myself married & an owner of a house (in the suburbs) at age 23. I always thought I would be single, living in a big city & in graduate school by now. Oh how God sure did have different plans for me! I love my husband and the life we have created together and I wouldn’t change that for anything. I do still feel the urge to accomplish more in life. I need to learn patience & acceptance for his plan is better than our own.

Melanie Chrystn Stauffer - January 7, 2015 - 1:59 am

I am so grateful for your honesty! I have truly struggled with the acceptance of God’s plan in comparison to my own and it’s humbling to see others whom are on a similar journey. You have a beautiful life and I am so thankful that you are so willing to share it with us. Your story is such an inspiration!

– Melanie (

Harriet - January 7, 2015 - 3:25 am

Wow what a post! Thank you so much for writing the stories of your heart and sharing them on here. I’m often thinking of the dreams and visions God has given me and wondering how they translate to where I am right now. I know ‘m where He wants me but I thought it would feel different! The long journey is tough and I am weary and yet He sustains me in my lack of knowledge to just keep on moving and trusting.
Thank you again for your honesty and generosity in sharing it on here. Your little space has been used to open my eyes many times.