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At the Pumpkin Patch


For my birthday this year all I wanted was to have a relaxed day with my family. We had no plans except for Chick-fil-A and visiting the pumpkin patch. It was glorious! Elle wasn’t super happy about it being so hot, so we didn’t stay long but I loved it nonetheless.


Daily life with my Elle


Goodness, I love life with this girl! I can’t say this new toddler stage is easy AT ALL…but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. She’s teaching me so much these days. My heart is wrecked forever in the best way. Eleanora is so full of personality these days. She’s very expressive and social. I like knowing her and I think she’s pretty cool! I love exploring life with her. She is a bright light and a joy in the midst of a lot of heavy things weighing on my heart. I wish I had time to write down all that has been swirling around in my head these days, but nap time is only so long, you know. This baby spam will have to suffice for now. (I just got all these personal film scans I saved up from October in…my heart is melting!)

PS: Thanks to Kaylie B. Poplin for the cute shots of both of us. 🙂


Autumn with Elle | 14 month update


Well, I never did get around to posting Elle’s 1 year update. Goodness, so much has changed. She’s quite the big girl these days and in 2 weeks she’ll be a year and three months old! She’s into EVERYTHING. I love it though. Watching her learn and start to really understand what we are saying is so fun. Recent developments have been learning to sign “please” and “thank you,” moving her piano bench around so she can reach things, coloring with crayons, talking up a storm and becoming miss independent. She loves to say “Bye” and run away from me. It’s a good thing she doesn’t go too fast. She says Dada, Beary, Mama (occasionally…grrr), bird, night-night, pee (puppy), tee (kitty) and a few other things we’re still working on. And her HAIR! Oh the curls! They get me every single day. I love them. She also obeys pretty well right now and knows when she’s into some kind of trouble. She still loves naps and usually takes two hour naps twice a day. (Insert praise hands!!! Naps please last forever!) Elle is obsessed with all shoes, jewelry, socks, hats, etc…and will often have an array of accessories for the day that she chose herself. It’s adorable. We have 12 teeth in that little mouth with more on the way. She eats only table food now and is especially fond of broccoli, apples, celery, cheese and basically anything that she can feed herself. My favorite thing is when she sits down to “read” her books and babbles up a storm. It’s so sweet. I could write about her forever, but really I’m just so glad to be her mama. She isn’t always easy (read: most of the time NOT) but I really wouldn’t change a thing.


Eleanora meets DC


Goodness, ever since Eleanora turned one I have definitely neglected keeping up with her photos. I decided to remedy this problem in these few minutes today. This past July (months ago now!) my sister and I flew to DC with Elle to visit our family. It had been far too long since I’d seen everyone and was so excited to have my little lady meet everyone. We didn’t do much, but here’s a few shots of our outing to Mount Vernon together.

Elle is obviously not into this photo.


Those sweet little leg rolls are almost gone now! Tears.