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Genevieve Morgan | FIVE MONTHS OLD

What a sweet 5 months it has been with this little girl. It’s hard to believe almost half a year has gone by already! She has brought such a peaceful season into our lives, not necessarily because of circumstances but because of what God is working out in us. She is doing #allthethings these days…rolling everywhere, almost sitting up, eating mushed fruits and veggies. Her bottom two teeth should break through any day now and we will all be glad for it. She hates the paci and swing that her sister loved, and would much rather sit on my hip and see what Elle and I are up to all the time. If she likes you enough to give her big gummy smile, it will make your life. She locks eyes and you know she’s really smiling AT YOU, not just because she is happy. Watching my girls develop their sweet bond is an unexpected treasure. It brings me so much joy to see how they love each other. I’m obsessed with her expressive deep blue eyes, button nose and puckered lips. We adore you Evie!

Weight: At her 4 month appointment she was almost 15 lbs and 26 inches long. That’s my girl! Elle was a bit heavier but shorter at the same age.

Clothes: She is definitely in all her 3-6 month things. We have a few 0-3 dresses we’re squeezing into, but they are pretty short because she’s a tall girl! I love these cooler temps and the excuse to put her chubby self in layers. There’s just something about a baby in a ridiculous sweater.

Sleep: Genevieve is such a good little sleeper! We struggled so much withe Eleanora at night, but G loves to go to bed. She takes after her mama, and E after her daddy. Ha! Elle still doesn’t like sleep! We are finally to where Genevieve has a consistent nap schedule, give or take some. She likes a short morning nap around 9:30 and a marathon nap in the afternoon. Praises! It’s so nice to have a little 1:1 time with Elle or a chance to write this blog, clean the house, etc! The productivity in a 2 hour span is ridiculous now. There is SO MUCH I can accomplish during nap time!

Eating: Little G loves to eat! And she loves to use me as her paci…ahem. We’ve started some solid foods like banana, pear, avocado, sweet potato and a few others. She loves it. We’re mostly just testing things out. I think she’ll be ready for more after she has a few teeth.

Mood: If her gums aren’t bothering her from teething, she’s an angel! She is go-with-the-flow and loves to watch Elle play or hang out while I cook and clean. She definitely isn’t as bright-eyed as Elle and a touch more cautious before warming up to others, but she is probably happier over all. Her eyebrows are SO expressive. (She gets that from Jonathan!) She can go from happy looking to very inquisitive in a millisecond. If you know Elle, she only has 2 – excited and VERY excited. Ha! I just love how different they are even as babies! If someone else holds her, she will be fine as long as she hears my voice every few minutes. She clings to me in every sense of the word. When I put her down I have to peel her fingers off my clothes because she clutches on for dear life. It’s funny that she is both more needy and more chill. She doesn’t often cry in the morning when she wakes up, and she’s pretty patient when she’s hungry. I also won’t know she has a dirty diaper sometimes because she doesn’t make a fuss about it.

Loves/Doesn’t love: She loves being on her tummy, playing or chewing on something. She HATES the swing, sadly. She loves sleeping in her crib. She likes anything we let her taste. She likes being held up, facing us with her head up on our shoulders. She plays with her feet all the time and liked to be moving. If she’s fussy sitting down is not an option. Ha! She loves to “stand up” too and will happily jump in your lap.

Things I want to remember: HER SMILE – when she smiles at you it’s very special. She locks eyes and it’s like the best present. She smiles almost every time we say “Dada” which is the cutest thing. I love how strong she has always been. Her little legs straighten out and you can barely move them. She also rolls all around her crib. At night she probably moves from front to back in every corner of the crib several times before morning. She also sleeps with her little butt in the air and it’s so cute. She is trying to army crawl and sit up, which I am so not ready for! I think she wants to try to keep up with Elle. Good luck sweetheart! Ha! I can’t even do that! Teething these last two months is not something I especially want to remember, but it is cute how Winnie the Pooh calms her down just like it did for Elle. She is also a music girl. Christy Nockel’s lullaby album is magic for her. She likes calm worship music for sleeping. She seems highly affected by it, and so am I. Being outside makes her very happy as well. I feel a kindredness to her, whereas Elle has always been a bright, blasting ray of light that blinds me. I love both of them for who they are and I cannot imagine anything different. Even though she seems a bit more sensitive and needy of me as a baby, I love the bond we share. She’s my easy and calm. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Oh, and we finally got her cradle cap to go away with some french shampoo for sensitive skin! It’s been 3 months! Her hair is finally growing back now, so that is definitely a wonderful thing!