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Baby #2 | 19 Week Update

I’ve finally popped a bit! There’s not much hiding the bump (at least to me) now. I really love seeing it, and having the reminder of the sweet little girl inside. I’m so thrilled to have this girl join us soon! We moved Eleanora’s bedroom to our old guest room. When we first found out […]

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Eleanora | 18 Months

Little miss is almost officially a year & a half! Honestly, we’ve felt like she’s 2 for quite some time now. She is SO BUSY…but I love every minute, most of the time! Haha! She’s growing so big so quickly that I wanted to write down some of the sweet things she’s doing lately. (This is way […]

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Monica - February 2, 2016 - 4:40 pm

She’s verry cute and the photos are amazing!

Laura Nelson - February 2, 2016 - 9:49 pm

I love reading these posts and dreaming of what Ivy will be like since they were born around the same time of year 🙂 E is seriously a doll!!! I just love those curls!!!

Eleanora | 11 Months Old

Today isn’t happening. Eleanora cannot possibly be 11 months old! I’m in complete denial. And yet, the birthday invitations have been ordered! One more month and we will have a 1 year old! Development/ Things I want to remember: Elle is still doing great with walking. She toddles all over the house, almost running sometimes, with arms […]

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Eleanora | 9 & 10 Months Old

Well, I missed another month again! And I quit doing the numbers, because it just got to be too much. Our poor other babies (if there is one or two…hopefully!) might not have much at all if I’m already not doing to great keeping up with Elle’s updates! Moving on now…Who is this big baby anyway? Goodness! […]

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