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Yearly Archives: 2017

Genevieve Morgan | Five Months Old

What a sweet 5 months it has been with this little girl. It’s hard to believe almost half a year has gone by already! She has brought such a peaceful season into our lives, not necessarily because of circumstances but because of what God is working out in us. She is doing #allthethings these days…rolling […]

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Everyone loves surface things. It’s easy to show what is on the top, the growing, beautiful things. We love to see what is blooming. We put it out there into the world, not necessarily in a bad way, but it’s out there. We see it. Stuff. Achievements. Happy moments. Beautiful adventures. Snapshots and stories of […]

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The Season of Stillness

Life has seasons, just like nature. It has been so helpful for me to view my life through the lens of seasons. They don’t last forever, and whether enjoyable or not they do pass. Around the time we got married 7 years ago, I had a year-long season of stillness. It was a humbling time when […]

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