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Baby #2 | 35 Week Update

Wow! Only 5 weeks left to go. I’m not sure how we got here so quickly. My heart feels as peaceful as this image. There is so much unknown, but God has me in a beautiful place of trust. I can’t wait to see what He’s unfolding with this life. As for baby, we had […]

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Baby #2 | Hello 3rd Trimester!

I am so thankful to be hitting the home stretch with this sweet babe! Notice the wall color difference between this photo and my last update? It’s such a pretty soft gray. I LOVED the blue in Elle’s old room, but excited for a new color for a new baby. The nursery is coming along […]

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Baby #2 | SIX MONTHS!!!

Well, it’s been a while! Thankful things have brightened up since my last update. I feel like an entirely new person, or rather that I’ve escaped from a dark storm cloud that weighed me down into the sunshine. The analogies could go on and on, that is how much better the past 2 weeks have […]

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Baby #2 | 19 Week Update

I’ve finally popped a bit! There’s not much hiding the bump (at least to me) now. I really love seeing it, and having the reminder of the sweet little girl inside. I’m so thrilled to have this girl join us soon! We moved Eleanora’s bedroom to our old guest room. When we first found out […]

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Baby #2 | 13 week update

Well, I did these with Eleanora so I figured I’d like to look back on this pregnancy too. I definitely feel much more chill about it all this time around. I don’t get on the scale. I don’t worry about fitting into clothes because my wardrobe is already more forgiving since E and styles are […]

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