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Genevieve Morgan | SIX MONTHS OLD

It is hard to believe our darling girl is six months old! What a sweet girl. Her little smile is my favorite. It’s hard not to compare Evie with Elle, but I love doing it so that I can see the nuances of who Evie is as a person. Even in babyhood, my experiences with them are very different. Elle would smile very easily, at almost everything…but Evie shows her smile, freely but intentionally. She smiles at you. She doesn’t just grab for anything, but one thing that captures her attention. It is such a joy to watch her grow into herself. Before I put her down in her crib, I always hold her a few extra minutes every night. Babyhood just goes by so quickly. I’m sure she’ll be my darling, gentle, sweet soul for a long time to come, but her tiny little self feels like such a treasure. And so I treasure her deeply. I think maybe what I feel about her is just part of who God has made her to be. I’m nearly blinded and in awe of Elle’s brightness, beauty and intelligence. With Evie, I just want to pull her close and simply “be” with her. She makes me want to slow down and be at peace. She feels like the last kiss of Spring, inviting you to savor the mild, sweet days before the brightness and bustle of Summer. There I go being all wordy and poetic again…I can’t help it really.

Weight: At her 6 month appointment on the 20th she was 16.8 lbs and 26.5 inches long. Elle was a bit bigger at the same age.

Clothes: Goodness, I love dressing this girl! I’m sure it’s weird of me to dress my girls in things that feel like them to me, but I’ve always used apparel as an avenue of self expression…I’m having fun expressing them. We’re still rocking 3-6 with some 6-12 that I can’t help but put on her already. L’OVED BABY onesies are my favorite. They are so soft and sweet. I’m dying for Spring so I can pull out some precious little handmedown outfits just waiting for us in the closet!

Sleep: Genevieve is still doing wonderfully with sleep – minus her bouts with teething when it’s bad! We’re getting into a 2 nap stride for our days with a cat nap or two. She is ready to hit the hay around 9:30-10 am. She isn’t super great about going to bed before 8 PM, mostly because she likes to cuddle on me at night. Ha! I also love how she cuddles her stuffed bunny at night. She sleeps in a little ball or with her legs curled under her. (Elle is sprawled out with no covers, ever – ha!) She loves to have her Christy Nockles lullabies playing in the background, and is a very quiet sleeper.

Eating: We’ve started solids with Evie…and she loves it! Her puffs, sweet potatoes, banana, pears and cereal are favorites. Her bottom two teeth have broke through, so I’m sure we’ll be doing more and more table food soon.

Mood: This girl is downright precious. She is quiet, easy going and loves being around her people. She has this adorable, funny little cackle-laugh. It’s almost like she doesn’t mean to laugh, but she can help it in certain moments. She laughs the loudest for her sister, but of course we all laugh the most at Elle! She has been hurting quite a bit with teething woes, but even in the days of crying-all-day she would try her best to be smiling and happy when she wasn’t in pain. She’s just so sweet.

Loves/Doesn’t love: She doesn’t love her teeth hurting. Insert sad face. She isn’t fond of loud noises – aka, when Elle squeals suddenly…which happens all the time…joy. She doesn’t like being startled. She also doesn’t like you taking away the toy she was focused on, or when she is focused on me and I walk out of the room. Haha! Heaven forbid I ever do that! Evie LOVES me wearing her in the sling. I’m convinced she’d stay there all day if I let her. (Elle always hated carriers! Ha!) She is most content viewing life and enjoying looking at things on my hip. She loves getting her diaper changed. She loves the bath, but instead of splashing, she likes the washcloths and is mesmerized by the water coming from the black faucet. She also LOVES drinking water from regular cups. It’s hilarious to watch! She lights up whenever we talk to her, especially “Evie, say Dada!” She gives us the biggest smile and tries to hard to make “ah ah” sounds.

Things I want to remember: She has this elegant way of moving her hands, as silly as that sounds. She moves her wrists like a little ballerina. She is so gentle in general. When I hold her she will often caress my face or arm. She also has a death grip! It’s hard to pry anything from her little fists. Chewing on her toes is a favorite activity, as one of the images below depict. She can roll just about everywhere and has been able to do that for at least 2 months. She sits up very well now too. She can go to hands and knees, so whenever she decides she feels like crawling, I think she’s ready. Her demeanor is very contented. She can be persuaded to do just about anything as long as she’s with us. she will nap anywhere, eat at any time, stay sweet and quiet if we go out for hours just chilling on my hip. I can’t emphasize just how much sweetness is wrapped up in her little body enough! She’s angelic. I love how long her hair is getting as well. It’s so much longer and thicker than when I took these photos!

We adore you sweetheart!