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Baby #2 | 35 Week Update

Wow! Only 5 weeks left to go. I’m not sure how we got here so quickly. My heart feels as peaceful as this image. There is so much unknown, but God has me in a beautiful place of trust. I can’t wait to see what He’s unfolding with this life. As for baby, we had a check up last Tuesday and I was measuring over 4 weeks behind on my fundal height…go figure. But the doc ordered an ultrasound to make sure baby was growing on track, and she’s exactly 6 days behind…just like her big sister was. And guess what? Eleanora was 6 days late! Ha. It just takes me a bit longer to cook these babes. We’ll know more when I go in on Wednesday. I also think I carry small and don’t have big babies. That’s ok. I’m thankful to have been through this before. It helps so much knowing what my body does and what it is capable of doing while pregnant. There are so many things to worry about but I feel much more at ease this time around. I’m so excited and thankful that we’re getting so close! I’m ready! Elle is excited too. The other day she said, “Mommy, I’m going to cuddle baby sis all the time and you can have pretend baby sis.” ha! She talks about teaching her to make bread with us, talk and how to use the big potty. It’s adorable!

How big is baby: as big as a honeydew mellon, around 5 lbs

How I’m feeling: Physically I’m feeling well, considering! I’m definitely more tired overall. I’m hoping I’ll have one final burst of nesting energy to finish my last few projects!

Weight gain/ clothes: 20 lbs. I’ve finally hit the part where I never know what is going to fit when I get dressed. Thankfully, it is warm so I can pull out my shorts. Pants will not stay up for anything. I’m just working with whatever will fit at this point and *hopefully* can avoid purchasing anything besides maybe one stretchy shirt at the very end. I’m about to pull out the only things I can wear and push the rest to the side for now. The struggle is real.

Symptoms: A little indigestion, back aches, ligament pain, tiredness, discomfort due to my growing size. It’s uncomfortable rolling over at night! Ha! I’ve also started having some “episodes” of contractions and pain, mostly in the middle of the night. I think I’m just prone to pre-labor, or prodromal labor as some articles call it. At least I know what it’s like from a solid week of it last time! Gosh, I felt so amazing after birth simply because I could sleep a little again and it was all over! I hope it’s minimal until the end this time.

Sleep: It depends on the day and if I have an “episode” or not. It’s not super abnormal for me to be awake for a few hours in the middle of the night due to discomfort.

Diet/ cravings/ aversions: All I want is milkshakes and fries these days. Eek! I’m trying to limit giving in to once a week until the last week or two…or I might just have to experiment with some tasty healthy treats very soon so curb my sugar cravings. It feels so good to indulge in the moment, but my pregnant body certainly doesn’t appreciate being filled with junk more than the occasional treat. I still feel best when eating as many raw veggies and nut/ seed proteins as possible. Watermelon and oranges have tasted so yummy lately when I want a sweet something! Almonds are basically by best friends these days too. I don’t leave without them so I always have a snack on the go!

Movement: For some reason, missy LOVES to try to murder me from the inside at church on Sundays. I hope people haven’t noticed my grimaces during the service! Ha! She is quite the active one. The other day it felt like she was doing summersaults for over 30 minutes! (In the middle of the night of course!)

Exercise: I’m definitely getting in as much as I can. I felt great during our trip a few weeks ago but my energy seems to have waned since then. I just try to listen to my body. If it is saying I need sleep, I try to rest. When I feel good, I try to go for a walk or do my pre-natal barre DVD. Swats and certain yoga poses are fairly easy to fit in if I can’t do much else…plus I’ll be needing those muscles for labor!

What I’m looking forward to/ best moment this week: We finally found the perfect dresser (more so perfectly in budget!) for little lady’s room! It is the same style as our hand-me-downs in Elle’s room and I actually LOVE the dark gray color. I intended to paint it, but I don’t think I need to do a thing! It was fun to wash and organize all the baby things and put them in the drawers. But then again, organizing just makes me happy in general. I’m hoping to finish cleaning out her closet and finalizing the decor for the bookshelf area and over the dresser. We’ve already been spending more time in her room simply because it makes us happy to be there. The light has always been beautiful in that room. It’s small but happy.

Mood: I feel so much peace these days. I’m so thankful that we are getting to steward another little life. I can’t wait to meet the special, unique person God has already formed her to be. It will be challenging, but I’m looking forward to the journey.