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Genevieve Morgan | Eight Months Old

Genevieve has turned into such a big girl this past month! The cuddly baby days are gone and we now have a big baby on the move! She started crawling and pulling up on things last week. The crib was lowered and we have moved a few things she likes to crawl after. She is so happy to be mobile. There is no sitting still anymore! She is so sweet and happy most of the time. She is a dream girl as long as she is with her people. Nothing much ever upsets her besides being left alone…so that doesn’t happen much. 😉

Weight: On our little home scale Genevieve weighed 17.4 lbs. She seems so much longer and leaner to me these days. (Here’s Elle’s update at the same age.  It’s funny that everything I put down about her personality is EXACTLY the same! ha!)

Clothes: We pulled out all Elle’s old Spring things! I love this season! I’m loving her in creamy whites and florals. She still fits in some 6 month outfits but most are 6-12 month dresses and rompers.

Sleep: Overall Evie is a wonderful sleeper. Things haven’t been so great the last week with another bout of teething starting up, but usually she has two solid naps and sleeps 11-12 hours at night. However, the past week teething has been so bad and we haven’t slept much at all. Here’s hoping those top teeth pop through soon!

Eating: No one has ever accused these girls if not liking to eat! She can chew most table food now. I started making my own squeeze packs of foods, and I actually love making the different combinations. So far she loves the ones with banana, avocado, spinach and pear best. Sweet potato is another favorite, just like E at this age. She is doing really well with picking up her own food on the table. She will even snatch something off my plate if I’m not careful!

Mood: She has been so fun this past month. We are seeing more and more personality. She is very easy-going as long as she’s with me. We are starting to do better when she’s away from me at the church nursery and with babysitters. I am still by far her favorite though. She smiles and starts reaching for me whenever she sees me, even if she was happy! Haha! It makes her so happy to watch Elle play and always looks for her in the morning if she’s not up yet. (Elle also says, “Where’s Genevieve?” as soon as she wakes up too. So sweet!) Evie gets very into whatever has captured her attention and is NOT happy if you try to take it away. She definitely has favorite toys already! She will intently play with one toy for quite a while.

Loves/Doesn’t love: She LOVES moving around now! There isn’t much she can’t get into now. She’s not very fond of being trapped either. She is reveling in her new freedom. And I love that she is enjoying her new independence. I think this is helping her be a bit less clingy to me. Elle was always so independent, but I think Evie will need a bit more encouragement to take off on her own. I had hoped to wean soonish, but I don’t think she’s ready. Table food is going great but she loves to be near me always. She definitely loves having me comfort her, so I’m happy to cater to what is best for her. I’m sure she’ll spread her wings when she’s ready. She loves food, and will make a smacking noise and watch your mouth if she sees us chewing. Ha! She still LOVES music. It seems to highly effect her moods. We often turn something on when she’s fussy and she will (almost instantly) stop crying. She loves her sister. It is so sweet watching heir bond grow. They really love to play together now. She still loves her sling. I’m fairly certain she would stay in it all day if my back could take it. We’ve moved to the big girl seat on the stroller instead of the car seat and she LOVES it. We go on walks almost every day now that the weather is nice.

Things I want to remember: She has the cutest little, soft sing-song voice. She does this sweet “ahhh” sound. I love that she will caress my hair when she’s close to me. She smiles when she watches Elle ride her tricycle around the neighborhood. She has this cute little obsession with knocking over her wooden blocks. Jonathan or I will build a little tower, get her attention and she will get he biggest smile, often fling the toy she had to come crawl over and knock it down. It’s so cute. We also took her to the park to swing with Elle for the first time the other day. She loved it. It brings me so much joy to watch her gain independence and experience things. This is such a fun stage. This quiet, sweet dream girl has our hearts. I also can’t get over just how beautiful she is these days! Her darling little pout, deep blue eyes and rosy brown hair has me so in love. So far she seems to have a smaller torso and longer legs like me. Hands down she smiles like Jonathan and has his eyebrows and toes. We love you precious girl!

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