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Genevieve Morgan | One Month Old

I’m a few days late, but we haven’t had much good light, until yesterday. #PhotographerProblems Genevieve is such a sweet, calm babe. She is such a gift to our family and fits perfectly. It’s amaazing to me how God knows these things and has them all planned out before we become aware. So far she is the opposite of her sister, in just about every way apart from her blue eyes. Even those are deep like the depths of the ocean, instead of a bright sky like Elle. This is one of her favorite faces, along with a gummy smile. I feel time passing so much more quickly this time, so I savor every spare minute I find with just us two. She makes my soul feel the peace I know she’s meant to bring to those around her. What a treasure that I get to experience God’s purpose through her first. What a masterpiece you are darling! 
So far she is calm and relaxed in almost every way. She rarely cries, except when hungry or because of trying to poo. She doesn’t love to be put down (if she’s awake or even slightly aware of it) or left alone in a room away from the rest of us. She loves when Jonathan plays guitar. If she ever cries, she will calm down whenever Elle or I sing the lullaby I wrote for the girls. It’s precious. She likes bath time. Being held is her favorite. I know she’d be content all day long in my arms…which is basically where she stays. She likes to use me as a human paci, but she’s gaining weight like a champ…so I don’t mind so much. Speaking of weight, she gained 20 oz in 10 days – going from 6 lbs to 7 lbs 4 oz! I was so proud. I feel certain she’s almost 9 lbs now, with the sweet rolls she’s developing. Her eyes have turned into a beautiful deep blue and her dark hair is getting close to mullet status. Ha! She feels more narrowly built in the shoulders and torso than Elle, but a few of the same outfits are fitting her. (I maybe have 2 or 3 new things for Evie, but they grow so quickly there’s not much of a point!) She’s sleeping pretty well at night. The past week or so we’ve managed to sleep from 12-4ish! Yay! Then until 8 am. She seems to either sleep great, or terribly.
As for adjusting to 2 kiddos, that will have to be another post. Ha!
We love you darling Evie!